The HPP Way

A Different Approach to Financial Planning

Here at HPP, we take pride in doing things our own way. Good enough is not good enough, and we strive to provide an exceptional planning experience for our clients. Here are a few ways we’re proud to be different.

Lifelong Partnerships with Lasting Purpose

When you become a client of HPP, you gain a partner who guides you far beyond the basics of your financial plan. We founded this firm because we wanted to be a comprehensive resource for clients who want more from their wealth, and our goal is to provide wise counsel throughout your entire life. We make it a point to ask deep, meaningful questions that help us understand the true purpose behind your plan, and we work with you to make it happen. We often become a pillar of strength and reassurance for the families we serve because they know we have their back—when you work with us, we make sure your family is protected, your assets are secure, and your future is prepared for greatness. Our firm is constantly growing in order to help you with all of your planning needs for generations to come.

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Cultivating Growth and creating opportunities

We believe we’re all capable of more than we imagine. We set high expectations for our team members and our clients because we want to bring out the best in people. Our goal is to accelerate growth for driven, passionate individuals in a way that opens doors for opportunities and helps close the wealth gap in our community. We do this by constantly pursuing education, finding ways to help others reach their goals, and pushing each other to be better. Our mission is to help people from diverse backgrounds come together and achieve what they never thought possible, and we know that by developing professionals who are constantly learning, growing, and seeking to be better, we can cultivate that same kind of excellence in our clients.

Opening Doors and Enriching Lives

Just like we help our clients find purpose for their wealth, we want to create purpose in our own work. We know the service we offer clients has its own concrete value, but we also strive do more. We want to make this world a better place, so we’re constantly pursuing ways that we can improve the lives of our clients, our communities, and the world we live in. We don’t want to just write checks to an organization; we want to show up and get our hands dirty. We don’t just hire people; we help them cultivate growth and prosperity. We want to work with underserved communities and create an inclusive environment for all people to thrive. We’re not here just to build and protect wealth; we’re here to enrich lives.

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