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We Align Your Wealth with What Matters Most

Purpose Driven Financial Planning

Why It Matters

We believe personal finance is more personal than financial. Most firms care more about your money. We care more about you. We have built our organization to help you clearly define what’s most important, offer perspective on your progress, and deliver ideas to help you achieve what’s possible.



Heritage Planning Partners provides a client experience that encompasses more than just your finances by delivering a comprehensive process with 3 key steps:


Our clients want to get the most out of life by optimizing their wealth, versus maximizing their wealth at the expense of their time and sanity. Our primary objective becomes making sure you clearly define and attain your objectives.


Ignorance isn’t bliss if you’re unsure of how you’re doing. Many underestimate their financial capacity, missing precious opportunities to enjoy life. In having this perspective, you’re able to live more fully, without feeling guilty or worrying if your wealth will last. This confidence allows you to make better choices, spending your time and your money on what matters most.


Good ideas alone aren’t enough. They must be implemented properly. Operating as both the owner and CEO of your financial life is challenging. We assume the role of CEO and work for you, the owner. We take your purpose, vision, and objectives, and work to organize, coordinate, and implement a plan to make them reality. We operate in 4 key areas

Risk Management | Tax Management | Situational Guidance | Asset Management

Our firm has developed on extensive network of resources to surround your family. We’ve built a team of professionals of different backgrounds to perform a “deep dive” into these areas. Based on what we know about you, and our expertise, we deliver our best ideas to give you the highest probability of success. We believe your outcomes matter more than any index, and we measure our success based your fulfilling your objectives. Our clients come to rely on our partnership to fulfill their purpose, avoid regret, and achieve what’s possible.



Forbes has recognized Michael D'Aquila and Adam Waitzman as two of the top financial security professionals in the country. Many thanks to our hardworking team, amazing clients, and partnership with Northwestern Mutual. This would not have been possible without you.

Forbes Best-In-State Top Financial Security Professionals 2023
Forbes Best-In-State Financial Security Professionals 2022
Forbes Top FInancial Security Professionals 2021

Northwestern Mutual (NM) and its advisors do not pay for placement on 3rd party rating or ranking lists. NM and its advisors do, however, pay marketing fees to these organizations to promote the rating or ranking(s). Rankings and recognitions are no guarantee of future investment success.

Forbes Best-In-State Top Financial Security Professionals list (July 2023 & July 2022), based upon data as of December 31st of the preceding year. Research and ranking provided by shook research.

Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals list (October 2021). Research and ranking provided by Shook Research. Based upon 2020 data.