Purpose Driven Financial Planning
Helping You Align Your Wealth with What Matters Most

Wealth management is about much more than accumulating and protecting money

It’s about helping hardworking people create a meaningful legacy and impact the world around them.

Passion and drive have gotten you to where you are now, and your success didn’t come by chasing arbitrary goals. Instead, you knew you had the power to make a difference, and that is what drove you to achieve greatness. You became successful because you were pursuing a purpose—whether that was to take care of your family, help others in need, or open doors for the next generation. Now that you’ve accomplished all that you have, the question is how do you use your success to achieve your vision for the future and continue fueling a life of meaning and purpose?

That’s the question we’re here to help you answer.

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Our Comprehensive Approach

At Heritage Planning Partners, we work with ambitious, passionate people to help them turn their success into their legacy through purpose-driven financial planning. We start by getting to know you and helping you define what you want to accomplish and why, creating clarity around the mission and purpose for your wealth. Then we work with you to develop a strategic plan with simple, actionable steps that allow you to move forward with financial confidence and peace of mind.

As life evolves over time, our team will be there to make sure everything stays on track, and we’ll always look for new opportunities to help improve your planning trajectory. In our experience, it’s not usually one groundbreaking idea—it’s a lot of small, incremental changes and decisions that on the surface may seem insignificant, but when compounded have a tremendous impact on your long-term results.

Our mission is to help you stop worrying about the future and be confident that you have someone looking out for you, your family, and your purpose. After all, this is more than money we’re planning for—this is your life.

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Our team is one of the best

Forbes has recognized Michael D'Aquila and Adam Waitzman as two of the top financial security professionals in the country. Many thanks to our hardworking team, amazing clients, and partnership with Northwestern Mutual. This would not have been possible without you.

Forbes Best-In-State Top Financial Security Professionals 2022
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Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals list (July 2022). Research and ranking provided by SHOOK Research. Based upon data as of 12/31/2021.

Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals list (October 2021). Research and ranking provided by SHOOK Research. Based upon 2020 Data.